Waterbury Police Explorer Post 4141   

Investing in the future of Law Enforcement

The documents you see below are beneficial to you and your child if you review them prior to arriving for your orientation. Some of the documents below give you a quick and basic rundown on what is expected from your child while an explorer. Also find the Post By-Laws below as well. Feel free to print these documents and keep with you. 

Welcome to our new enrollment page. Before applying for the Waterbury Police Explorers, we have some informational packets that you must review and understand before joining. The new three step enrollment process is easy as 1,2,3. 


Our welcome page gives you a quick run down on what is expected of you while you are in the enrollment process for the Waterbury Police Explorers. 


Once you have completed Step #1 and have read and understood our welcome page you may fill out our online enrollment packet. Please note that all fields must be completely filled out. Parents for explorers under the age of 18 must enter their name where required. Once you have successfully filled out the application and answered all questions you must save it to your desktop and print a copy out. Bring that copy with you when enrolling your child into the program. You will be given an agreement and disclosure form to fill out when making your first payment.

Interested candidates should contact the On Call Advisor of the Waterbury Police Department at (203-228-3422) to obtain an application or via email at Webmaster@waterburypoliceexplorers.org.


Before you leave please review and print the documents on the sidebar to your left. You will receive these documents during your orientation but lets stay ahead of the game and check them out now. Also find a copy of our Post By-Laws which is required for all explorers to have a basic knowledge of our By-Laws in order to be voted in as a explorer.