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 Waterbury Police Explorer Post 4141   

Investing in the future of Law Enforcement


The Waterbury Police Explorer Post 4141 has several extra-curricular divisions for explorers to participate in. Qualifications for enrollment in extra-curricular divisions vary. All explorers have equal and fair expectations, membership on a certain division may result on additional responsibilities. Please click on the respective division for more information 

Post Captain Ysmael A Peguero

The Waterbury Police Explorer Captain serves as Chief Officer of all divisions and answers to the Waterbury Police Explorer Advisors. The Captain is held responsible for ensuring safe and fair operation of all divisions and for coordinating events, fundraisers, and appropriate deployment of each division. These assignments are fulfilled in addition to the responsibilities outlined in the Waterbury Police Explorer By-Laws. 

Captain Peguero is also Commander of the Tutoring and Career Development services offered to all Waterbury Police Explorers. 

You may contact Captain Ysmael A Peguero at YPeguero@waterburypoliceexplorers.org