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 Waterbury Police Explorers Post 4141   

Investing in the future of Law Enforcement


The Waterbury Police Explorer Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Division is a team of selective explorers, whom receive specialized training in serving arrest warrants, hostage calls, specialized security patrol, and many more . Explorers of the SWAT team compete in several regional competitions, and are deployed in detail assignments with over 1000 guests.

Lieutenant Wandel Rodriguez is the Commander of the SWAT Division.

The 2013-2014 SWAT Team Members are Jason Morel, Edgar Gutierrez, Joshua Monegro, Jonathon Rodriguez, Jesiah Burke, Aaron Shwinarine, Evan Gillard, Brandon Serrano, Andres Alberty, Jonathon Parker, Jedidah Burke, Ryan Peguero, Kenneth Martinez, Jesus Garcia, Nohemy Rossi, and Juan Martinez. 

You may contact Lieutenant Wandel Rodriguez at [email protected]