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 Waterbury Police Explorers Post 4141   

Investing in the future of Law Enforcement

Explorer Experience

Explorers are exposed to numerous facets of police work. and attend weekly training sessions that are taught by qualified instructors in a strictly controlled environment. Explorers may also attend the annual Explorer Academy. At the academy they can interact with Explorers from other posts in the New England area. The Academy is Divided into five phases and is instructed just as an actual Police Academy.Click Here to learn more about the Explorer Police Academy.

The trainings explorers are introduced to cover a number of different Subjects related to law enforcement including but are not limited too.

  • Search and Seizure Law
  • Handcuffing Procedure
  • Criminal Law
  • First Aid and CPR
  • High Risk and Low Risk Motor Vehicle Stops
  • Firearm Safety
  • DWI Enforcement
  • Laws of Evidence
  • Building Searches
  • Forensics
  • Police Patrol Dogs
  • Domestic Violence Laws
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Criminialistics
  • Criminal Procedures

    These are some of the programs Explorers will be exposed to as a member of the Waterbury Police Explorers.

About our Advisors

OFFICER JOSE DIAZ: Officer Jose Diaz voluntarily joined the Waterbury Police Explorers Post 4141 as an Associate Advisor in 2007. Officer Diaz has always been a dedicated and remarkable role model for many young adults. Officer Diaz is currently assigned to the Waterbury Police Department Patrol Division as a Patrol Officer. Officer Diaz holds various medical training certifications and licenses. Officer Diaz is also a certified and licensed medical and law enforcement instructor. Officer Diaz recently accepted the role of senior advisor in 2009. As senior advisor, Officer Diaz oversees and supervises all Explorers and Advisors. Under his command, the Waterbury Police Explorers recruited over one hundred and sixty young leaders. During his leadership, Officer Diaz also initiated many Waterbury Police Explorer traditions. These traditions include Officer Down Lectures presented by explorers, Annual Fun Day for regional explorers, Annual Waterbury Police Explorer 5K Road Race, and many partnerships with various organizations in the community. Officer Diaz is a well rounded leader and a great role model for everyone.

OFFICER FRANK LEE: Officer Frank Lee joined the Waterbury Police Explorers in January 2010 as an Associate Advisor. Officer Lee graduated Southern Connecticut State University in 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Criminality, and Criminal Justice. Officer Lee has been a Waterbury Police Officer since September 2006. Officer Lee is currently assigned to the Patrol Division as a certified Crisis Intervention Team Officer, a Field Training Officer, and a rifle carrier. Officer Lee enjoys working with the explorers. Officer Lee currently serves as a liaison for Explorer Academic Achievement, ensuring that all explorers have good school attendance and maintain academic requirements as prescribed in the Waterbury Police Explorer By-Laws. He also serves as a Career Development Advisor, helping explorers attain a job when of age and assisting explorers prepare to pursue a career in the Law Enforcement Field. Officer Frank Lee enjoys working with the Explorers and teaching the youth of today to become leaders of tomorrow.

ADVISOR JOSE PEGUERO:  Advisor Jose Peguero has joined the Waterbury Police Explorers in 2005 as an explorer. Advisor Peguero has served many supervisory roles as an Explorer ranging from Corporal to Captain. He became a Civilian Advisor for the Waterbury Police Explorers in October 2010. He is currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Advisor Peguero is currently employed by Allied Barton Security Services as the Brass Mill Center Assistant Security Director. His duties as a Civilian Advisor include coordinating training sessions with certified instructors. Advisor Peguero is licensed as a CPR & First Aid Teaching instructor. He also helps explorers prepare and train at regional and local explorer competitions. Advisor Jose Peguero enjoys helping explorers and giving back to the community.

The Waterbury Police Explorers Post 4141 is a para-military program and offers various services and training under a strictly controlled environment. Several Waterbury Police Department Officers volunteer their time to make the program a success along with Civilians who dedicate their time and effort to the program. All applicants, sworn in officers and civilians, who wish to pursue a position as an advisor of the Waterbury Police Explorers Post 4141 must first submit an application to the Waterbury Police Explorers Board of Directors. All advisors work closely with each other and maintain a close channel of communication with each other. Their dedication and services are greatly appreciated. The Waterbury Police Explorers Post 4141 would not be able to be as successful as it is without their dedication.